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KyKy’s Holiday Pack is here!




KyKy Kookies have 8 AMAZING holiday Kookie Flavours! You will receive a bakers assortment.If you order a four pack or half dozen, you will receive a bakers assortment of the said flavours. If you order an eight pack, you will recieve each of the following said flavours, if you order one dozen, you will receive all flavours, plus bakers assortment of the remaining four kookies.


Flavours include the following:


Chocolate Caramel Lacey: KyKy’s Chocolate Chunk Kookie base, with three different types of chocolate, chunks of toffee, infused with dulce de leche, Lacey cookies, and flaked salt.

Hot Cocoa: KyKy’s Triple Chocolate Kookie base, with organic cacao, white & milk chocolate chunks, and marshmallows.

Cinnamon Roll: KyKy’s Cinnamon Roll Kookie base, with ribbons of cinnamon filling throughout, topped with icing.

Christmas Sprinkles: KyKy’s Sugar base with festive sprinkles (just like KyKy’s Birthday Cake Kookies).

Peanut Brittle: KyKy’s Peanut Brittle Kookie base, with toffee chunks, peanut butter chips, infused with caramel, peanut brittle, and flaked salt.

Iced Ginger: KyKy’s Ginger Kookie base, with chunks of white chocolate, topped with icing.

Sugardoodle Jam: KyKY’s Sugardoodle base, filled with organic jam.

Buttery Biscoff: KyKy's buttery Biscoff base, with chunks of Biscoff cookies, White chocolate chunks, and Toffee, topped with Cookie Butter.

Holiday Pack